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Dragon Dreaming for Business

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Course based on the Australian design methodology for collaborative and successful projects, with high motivation and engagement of participants. Relevant course for teams who want to learn a practical and efficient tool to plan and execute projects. The course is certified by the Dragon Dreaming Brasil Network.

the course

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instituto revoar, educação socioemocional, OSC, jovens, educadores, metodologia, dragon dreaming, ações sociais

How it happens And its Objectives 

The Course has a workload of 21 hours and is divided into 4 dimensions and 16 relevant steps for the collective construction of participatory projects that unite the ludic with the rational, so that we can (re)learn to work together in a collaborative way. Dragon Dreaming for educators also encourages a win-win culture, where the focus is not only on the final objective, but mainly on strengthening relationships and activating the collective knowledge of those involved.

The 4 dimensions worked on in the course are: Dreaming + Planning + Doing + Celebrating. In each dimension there are specific and participatory tools such as Dream Circles, Pinakarri, Karabirrdt, Generative Questions, Win-Win Games, among others.

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Development of socio-emotional skills of empathy, cooperation, listening, dialogue and group work;


Knowledge of how to create projects in an innovative, collaborative and participatory way;


Knowledge of how to apply Dragon Dreaming tools in your working groups;


More integrated and strengthened teams with greater engagement and participation in collective projects;


Improvement in the organizational climate and in the relationships among the team's professionals.

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teaching materials

The course offers pedagogical support material, in addition to 21 fact sheets related to the Dragon Dreaming methodology.


The supporting pedagogical material contains theoretical and practical content about the Dragon Dreaming introductory course and accompanies all stages of the pedagogical journey. The fact sheets are an even deeper and more complete foundation on everything that involves Dragon Dreaming.

instituto revoar, educação socioemocional, OSC, jovens, educadores, metodologia, dragon dreaming, ações sociais
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