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Educators in Connection is a theoretical, practical and experiential socio-emotional Training course, from the perspective of integral education, which aims to implement a purposeful socio-emotional education in the classroom and at school.

instituto revoar, educação socioemocional, OSC, jovens, educadores, metodologia, dragon dreaming, ações sociais
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educators, pedagogical coordinators and managers of schools and learning spaces

How it happens, its Purposes and connections

The course is developed in 4 complementary modules, as shown below, and with an average workload of 50 hours:

Experiential: creating the bases for a socio-emotional education: (re)connection with the self-educator, with the students and with the school;


Theoretical: explorating theories that support socio emotional education;


Practical: building a process of socio-emotional classes linked to academic content;

Exponential: building a socio-emotional plan for the school.

Based on the initial experiential process and the (re)connection of educators with themselves, with the group that accompanies them and with their students and the school, in module I, follows, in module II, a proposal for theoretical connection with socio-emotional skills, established in the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC) and a reflection on the relevance of socio-emotional education and what it means to develop it at school.

In modules III and IV, collectively constructed lesson plans, aligning academic content with socio-emotional goals, as well as socio-emotional plans for schoolsin order to seek to disseminate a socio-emotional culture in this space and with the entire school community.

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instituto revoar, educação socioemocional, OSC, jovens, educadores, metodologia, dragon dreaming, ações sociais

Educators who are more aware and connected with themselves, their dreams and values related to education;
Educators (re)connected with students and the school, maintaining an empathetic, human and welcoming look towards them;
Confident educators with theoretical knowledge and practical repertoire to plan and implement intentional socio-emotional classes aligned with academic content and the BNCC; 
Schools capable of implementing their socio-emotional plans, with the collaboration of the entire school community, to build a local socio-emotional culture.

teaching materials

Educators in Connection offers 5 copyrighted pedagogical materials that are linked to each module of the course, and for module III there are two materials. They are of great relevance for deepening the self-development of educators and also of socio-emotional theory and practice. 
The materials are:

Connection Diary:material from module I aimed at the socio-emotional self-development of educators. It was created thinking that educators need  first to develop socially and emotionally so that they can then share their knowledge in the classroom and at school.

Flight Route:module II material focused on theoretical deepening on the development of a socio-emotional education.

​Guide for building socio-emotional classes:
module III material aimed at supporting the construction of socio-emotional classes in an intentional way and aligned with the academic content and BNCC.

Activity notebook:module III material aimed at expanding the repertoire of socio-emotional activities for the classroom.

Good practices for socio-emotional education at school:module IV material aimed at building a socio-emotional plan for the entire school.

instituto revoar, educação socioemocional, OSC, jovens, educadores, metodologia, dragon dreaming, ações sociais

 Educadores em Conecta 2022 - Bahia

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