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Celebrating our accomplishments in 2023

Celebrating the year 2023 means recognizing the paths taken, the lessons learned, the difficulties overcome and the results achieved. Celebrating is as important as dreaming, planning and achieving. Celebrating is keeping the dream of each year and each day alive and not forgetting that the path is taken when walking.

Celebrating 2023 is recognizing the difficulties at the beginning of the year, the joy of receiving a major international award in May, the satisfaction of carrying out a project for young people in the first semester, two for educators from civil society organizations (CSOs) in the second. In addition to being a finalist in a large public notice and being chosen to be part of an acceleration process, called Conecta+, from the Coca-Cola Institute and Ekloos Institute and the Social Entrepreneurs Development Program (PRODES), from the Children's Institute.

As a result of all these initiatives, we had 100 people who completed our 3 training courses, including young people and educators, 11 Brazilian states participating, 41 CSOs impacted, in addition to 56 hours of institutional training and mentoring of acceleration and strengthening processes, a pitch presented to investors and financial support arising from this presentation.

In relation to Revoar's training, developed this year, that of educators is based on the conviction that the first step towards socio-emotional education is for educators themselves to look at themselves, develop themselves and be able to start the process for themselves. Through our authorial methodology, we invite you to experiment and experience socio-emotional development. In addition to the experience, we also propose reflection, conceptual and practical presentation, building a process so that participants can bring socio-emotional development to their lives and that of their students.

As for training for young people, our principle is the socio-emotional development of several important skills for life and the future, through a lively, authentic, in-depth process that supports integral development. Never forgetting that emotional education is a lifelong task.

We end this newsletter with an important reminder, from Brené Brown, which reinforces the relevance of our work and socio-emotional development for everyone: “We want to believe that we are rational beings, but we are emotional beings who eventually think.

Instituto Revoar wishes everyone a 2024 with great and special emotions!

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